Keep Every Message Private

The simple-to-use email security solution that delivers total privacy and control to your inbox.


Turn Every Email Into A Totally Safe Mail

The simple-to-use email security solution that delivers total privacy and control to your inbox.

Total Email Security

The simple-to-use email security solution that delivers total privacy and control to your inbox.

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Email Security

When it comes to email privacy, even giants aren’t safe. We place absolute faith in big email providers, and yet in recent years Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft have all fallen victim to serious data breaches

Consider what that could mean to you. What would prying eyes find tucked away in your inbox? How much of your life could be pieced together from the messages you’ve sent and received? Your bank details? Your passwords? Intimate details about your personal relationships? What lengths would you go to keep those details private?

Introducing Siccura Safemail

Privacy And Security

Introducing Siccura Safemail, the versatile software tool that delivers privacy and security. Harnessing powerful encryption technology, Siccura Safemail works with every major email provider, including Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft. Sign up, turn on and enjoy unrivalled security for every mail you send or receive.

Introducing Siccura Safemail

Privacy And Security

Unlike other solutions, Siccura Safemail also protects email attachments, encrypting every file type to render to them impregnable. Banking communications, online purchasing information, personal messages and passwords. With Siccura Safemail every digital syllable is recorded, stored and protected with professional grade security.

Protect your emails with Siccura Safemail

Benefits Of Safemail

Future Proof Security

Siccura is powered by pioneering encryption technology. whether you reply on email for casual conversations or for business operations, Siccura Safemail provides a level of protection beyond the skills of Cyber Criminals


Universal Access

Siccura Safemail doesn’t limit access to a single device. You can log into your account and check your mails from any device you choose, at any time you choose.

The Siccura Zero Knowledge Guarantee

Siccura applies a strict zero-knowledge policy across all of our products. We have no access to your emails, and we don’t keep records of personal details. Only you will have the key to your content.



Take Back Email

To incorporate an addition which is even after the email has been read, or attachments have been accessed.

Self Destruct

Limits visibility time for selected emails so sensitive messages are given a shelf life. You can also limit the number of times files can be previewed to increase protection for sensitive documents like portfolios or business proposals.

Password Protection

Create bespoke passwords to give highly confidential emails next level protection.

Copy And Forward Control

Take control of who can forward or copy your emails so information you share remains with intended recipients only.

Siccura Safemail Pricing

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$ 1.81 /mo

19.95 billed every month

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